Fanatical is a leading global digital games retailer within the $137.9bn games industry, which continues to show exponential growth year-on-year. They've sold over 62 million officially licensed game keys to over 3 million customers in 200 countries. They are proud to have over 900 direct partnerships with the games industry’s finest developers and publishers, and a catalogue of over 5,500 games. They offer latest and greatest games from leading brands including SEGA, Bethesda, Warner Bros, Ubisoft, Capcom, Disney, 2K Games, Bandai Namco and many more.

Build your own Quest VR Bundle with Fanatical!

Introducing the world’s first Build Your Own Bun... Moredle featuring amazing games for the Oculus/Meta Quest VR device! Whether you’re new to the Quest VR, or a seasoned VR player, there’s something here for everyone. Feast your eyes on our exclusively curated selection, featuring many of the best Quest VR games across all your favorite genres. Customers will be able to select 3 or more titles from a selection of premium Meta Quest VR titles 3 Games for: $19.99 5 Games for: $29.99 9 Games for: $49.99 Less
Expires 31.05.2022
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